The questions posed in this research concerned both the comparison of the nitrogen nutrition between Emmonsia parva and Emmonsia crescens and the comparative nitrogen utilization within the species. This fungus is a parasite with a rather uncomplicated life-cycle. Thus it lends itself well to study of the host-parasite relationship at the molecular level. This research contributes toward that long-range goal.

Five replicate floating cultures of each species were grown in 125 ml Erlenmeyer flasks containing a chemically defined basal medium plus one of the 29 nitrogen sources tested. Utilization of a particular source was determined by dry weight. The results were quite variable. Where the variances between sources both within species and between species showed relative homogeneity, t tests were run.

The data indicates a significant difference in utilization of arginine, alanine, casein, isoleucine, and serine between the two species of Emmonsia. The difference between utilization of ammonium, aspartic acid, and histidine could not be considered significant according to the data. The differences between nitrogen sources within each species is discussed also.

The overwhelming evidence uncovered both in searching the literature and in this research leads to the conclusion that there is a great need for meaningful and accurately applied statistical analysis of nutritional data in the field of mycology.

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