Discrepancies in breast cancer screening behavior exist among various ethnic groups in the United States (Jacobs & Lauderdale, 2001), with Latino American women reporting particularly low screening rates in comparison to Anglo American women (ACS, 2002). Research indicates that behavior is in part influenced by aspects of culture and relevant psychological processes (Betancourt & Lopez, 1993; Betancourt & Fuentes, 2001). This study was designed to investigate the relations among cultural values, attributions regarding the causes for not screening, related emotions, expectancy that screening leads to early detection and value incentive of early detection as determinants of breast cancer screening intention among Anglo and Latino women. The Cultural Value Orientation Scale (Betancourt & McMillin-Williams, manuscript in progress), the Attribution-Emotion Scale (Betancourt & associates, manuscript in progress), items associated with expectancy-value, and the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System Questionnaire (CDC, 1997) were used for the study. Bentler's (1995) analysis of structural equations (EQS) program was used to test a model of the causal relations among culture, attributions, emotions, expectancy-value, and breast cancer screening intention which resulted in a good fit of the data. Fatalistic cultural value orientations were found to influence causal stability of the reasons for not screening for breast cancer, expectancy that screening leads to early detection and value of early detection. Greater anxiety emotions associated with not having a CBE or mammogram were also found to positively influence self screening intention. Findings are discussed in terms of their theoretical and practical implications for future research, policy, and intervention.

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