The purpose of this study was to determine whether selected nurse-patient contacts effected the attendance of non-private patients at Preparation for Childbirth classes. During the data collection period only six of the eight patients who met the criteria for this study were available. Each of the six patients was reached by at least one of the three types of nurse-patient contacts-- a letter of invitation to the Preparation for Childbirth classes, weekly contacts with the patients at the classes and three home visits to each patient. Tools used to collect data for this study were a personal information questionnaire, home visit summaries and check sheet and a check list used at the classes. The letter of invitation written one week prior to the classes did not motivate any of the patients to attend the first class. One patient did call stating she would be unable to attend the first class. The three home visits and weekly contacts at the classes may have motivated patients to attend the classes as three of the six patients did attend the classes; one attended six of the eight sessions and two attended five of the eight sessions. Influencing factors which may operate in motivating women to attend Preparation for Childbirth classes, e.g., relatives' and friends' attitudes, were not studied. A combination of factors may have been responsible for those who attended the classes, e.g., all were primigravidae; less travel time was spent getting to the hospital; the husband's work hours did not interfere with class attendance; transportation was available; and those attending were the youngest of the sample group. Due to the presence of several uncontrolled variables it is impossible to conclude that the nurse-patient contact motivated three out of the six women to attend Preparation for Childbirth classes. Further study needs to be given to the effect of specific motivational techniques and to ways of using nursing time more wisely.

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