A descriptive survey study was carried out at a selected baccalaureate school of nursing in an effort to find out if the maternal interest of senior students of nursing would affect their attitudes toward breast feeding. It was hypothesized that a student who scored high on maternal interest would have a positive attitude toward breast feeding and conversely a student who scored low on the maternal interest scale would have a negative attitude toward breast feeding. Maternal interest was measured by the use of twelve questions adapted from a questionnaire formulated by D. M. Levy, a prominent psychiatrist. Attitudes towards breast feeding was measured by a questionnaire constructed by the researcher. The two questionnaires were administered to the entire class of 35 senior students of nursing. Mathematical calculations made on the data obtained from the two questionnaires revealed a .064 coefficient of correlation indicating that little or no relationship existed between the results of the two test. Therefore, the hypothesis of the study was neither proved nor disproved. In light of the method used by the investigator it was concluded that (1) Little or no relationship existed between the maternal interest of the senior student of nursing and her attitude towards breast feeding as measured by the two questionnaires. (2) A significant number of students who scored high on the maternal interest scale did not demonstrate positive attitudes towards breast feeding. (3) Since no students scored low on the maternal interest scale, no conclusion could be made regarding their attitude toward breast feeding. (4) Further research would have to be completed before any of the above conclusions could be generalized beyond the sample group used in the study.

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