PURPOSE: The effectiveness of many commercially available composite finishing and polishing devices have been studied and compared. However, no studies have directly compared the effectiveness among the polishing brushes. This study set out to (1) investigate the surface roughness reduction and gloss value increase of two universal dental composites polished by three polishing brushes and two well-studied finishing and polishing systems, and (2) to evaluate resulting surface morphology using scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

METHODS: 10 specimens were fabricated for each of five polishing groups for both composite resins, one microhybrid (Herculite XRV) and one nanofilled composite (Filtek Supreme Plus). Each specimen was roughened with tungsten carbide bur and randomly assigned to one of the following five polishing procedures: (1) Sof-Lex finishing and polishing discs (SLX), (2) PoGo polishing cup (PoGo), (3) Jiffy polishing brush (JF), (4) Occlubrush (OC) or (5) the PDQ brush polisher (PDQ). Gloss was evaluated with a small area glossmeter. Average surface roughness of each polished specimen was measured with a profilometer. The results were analyzed using mixed effects model for 2-factor ANOVA. Representative samples from each polishing systems and experimental groups were selected, examined, and photographed via SEM.

RESULTS: The amount of gloss value increase produced by the polishing systems were ranked as follows: SLX > PoGo = JF > OC = PDQ. The amounts of surface roughness reduction by the polishing systems are ranked as follows: SLX > PoGo > JF = OC = PDQ.

CONCEUSIONS: Sof-Lex finishing and polishing discs performed superior to the other polishing systems. The three investigated polishing brushes were capable of creating statistically significant increase in gloss value of the tested composite resins. However, the amounts of surface roughness reduction were small.

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