Eating disorders are severe psychiatric disorders that most commonly begin in the female population during adolescence and across ethnicity (Lucas, 2004). However, the face of eating disorders is changing as they become more apparent across cultures and lifespan, impacting both young and aging women as well as males. In the past few decades progress has been made in the diagnostic, treatment, and recovery phases of eating disorders. These gains have contributed to a better understanding of eating disorders, assisting in the decrease of mortality and morbidity rates seen in eating disorder patients. Nevertheless, there are significant challenges that still remain for researchers and clinicians in assessing the long-term course of recovery, relapse, and outcome predictors of eating disorders, leading to more efficacious treatments and improved rates of recovery (Tozzi, Sullivan, Fear, McKenzie, & Bulik, 2003).

The objective of this research is to conduct a study of response, relapse, remission, and recovery from the perspective of women with eating disorders. In the eating disorder research literature there has been extensive research on treatment outcomes involving what is important to address in patients who have an eating disorder involving response, relapse, remission, and recovery. However, there is a significant gap in the literature from the patient’s perspective involving the phases of treatment and what is most important to consider when addressing the areas of response, relapse, remission, and recovery. This research seeks to confirm or establish if there is agreement between what research outcomes state is important when addressing the stages of recovery compared to what patients with eating disorders communicate is important in these phases of treatment.

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