The purposes of this study were (1) to ascertain if the three year program in nursing at the Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing was preparing students for professional activities as well as did the four year program, and (2) to obtain information for use in curriculum planning.

The descriptive-survey method of research was used. Comparisons were made between the responses to the questionnaire received from 85 per cent of the graduates of the four year program from 1953-1955, or Group A, and 78 per cent of the graduates from the three year program from 1955-1957, or Group B. The State Board examination results of 94 per cent of the graduates of the four year program and 96 per cent of the graduates of the three year program during 1953-1957 were also compared.

Analysis of the data and comparisons made between the two groups revealed the following:

  1. Group B showed a higher percentage of marriages of the graduates, membership in professional organizations, leadership and participation in church and community activities, and the number of staff nurse positions held.
  2. The majority in both groups thought the time spent in the clinical areas was adequate and that they were occasionally asked to carry responsibilities for which they were unprepared. However, the percentages were higher in Group A.
  3. A higher percentage of graduates in Group B considered the clinical assignments were about right, the clinical supervision adequate and that the expected counsel from faculty had been received.
  4. The area mentioned most frequently in which graduates of Group A would have liked more experience was operating room nursing. More preparation for leadership positions was desired by the highest percentage of Group B graduates.
  5. The majority of graduates of Group A preferred classes conducted by nurse instructors, while the majority of those in Group B preferred classes taught by physicians.
  6. The graduates of both groups mentioned many strengths and few weaknesses in the two programs.
  7. The mean score in the State Board examination for Group B was found to be eight points higher than that for Group A.

The above findings have given considerable support to the hypothesis of the study that the three year program in nursing offered at Hinsdale is as effective in preparing students of nursing for professional activities as was the four year program.

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