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A preliminary light microscopic study of the mouse hind limb revealed a group of about 20 Pacinian corpuscles extending from the mid-region of the fibula to the tibio-fibular fusion strategically located for the possible sensing of bone-transmitted vibration.

The fine structure of the corpuscles is described in four stages: primordial or prenatal (19 and 20 days); early differentiation (1-8 days postnatal); differentiated corpuscle (9, 10, 12, 14 and 21 days postnatal); and adult (28 days old).

The corpuscles commence development during the 19th prenatal day. The corpuscle then consists of a nerve ending surrounded by sheath-cells which appear to be Schwannian in origin. Evidence is presented that these sheath cells give rise to the inner core region.

During the stage of early differentiation the corpuscle lacks blood vessels and the nerve fiber acquires its characteristic oval outline. Cellular division and migration of the outer lamellar cells establishes the concentric lamellae. The lamellar cells are identifiable with perineural epithelial cells of the innervating nerve fiber.

During the differentiated stage, blood vessels are incorporated into the outer core of the receptor. Lamellar cells are fusiform and the interlamellar spaces approach adult dimensions. Outer lamellar cell division continues and cytoplasmic processes forming the hemilamellae of the inner core region become attenuated and exhibit pinocytotic vesicles. The narrow interlamellar spaces acquire collagen fibers.

Electron microscopy of the adult receptors revealed that they are similar to corpuscles found in cat and man, consisting of an inner core surrounding a single centrally placed non-myelinated, afferent nerve fiber. Outer core concentric lamellae surround the inner core.

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