Despite the severe and long-term neurological consequences and the prevalence of non-accidental head trauma (NAT) among infants, few empirical studies have specifically examined the neuropsychological consequences in this population of children. The current study examined the relationship between clinical variables, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (1H-MRS), and neuropsychological outcome in this high-risk population of children. Infants and children with a confirmed diagnosis of NAT were recruited by the Division of Pediatric Neurology at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and administered a comprehensive follow-up neuropsychological evaluation and neurological exam several months post injury. At the conclusion of the study, there were 13 participants with a mean age of M = 3.62, SD = 1.61. Results revealed several significant correlations between 1H-MRS, clinical variables, and neuropsychological outcome that are consistent with previous findings as well. As such, the current findings suggest that neurometabolite ratios observed at time of injury can potentially play a significant role in understanding possible functional outcomes the caregivers of these children can expect. Global neuropsychological deficits were also identified among children with non-accidental head trauma, suggesting the need for clinical interventions in this high-risk population. Several significant associations between child deficits observed in this population and parental stress were identified, which has significant implications for the child’s recovery trajectory as well.

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Burley, Toddy

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Brain Injuries - Children; Head Injuries - Closed; Trauma Severity Indices; Neuropsychological Tests; Neurobehavioral Manifestations; Developmental Disabilities

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Non-accidental Head Trauma; Magnetic Resonance Spectoscopy; High-risk Populations; Neurometabolite Ratios; Global Neuropsychological Deficits



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