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PURPOSE: To compare groups of subjects with varying frequencies of complete denture relines in terms of their bone turnover markers; C-terminal Telopeptide (C-Tx), Osteocalcin (OCN) and Vitamin D (25 OH-Vit D) levels to determine the presence of and the degree of association between them.

METHODS: This study was designed as a cross-sectional study wherein a retrospective chart review of three hundred twenty four edentulous subjects with history of complete denture use for at least a year was performed to determine history and frequency of their complete denture relines. A total of 100 patients were enrolled. After consent was obtained, each subject was interviewed with a questionnaire for his or her updated medical and dental history, and medication/supplement use. A blood sample was obtained to measure 25-OH Vitamin D, Osteocalcin and C-terminal Telopeptide levels. Statistical comparison was done between the results obtained to determine the presence of an association between the frequency of relines and the bone turnover markers (OCN, CTx) and Vitamin D.

RESULTS: Significant correlations were found between the bone turnover markers, C-terminal telopeptide (C-TX) (Pearson correlation coefficient 0.538, p<0.001) and osteocalcin (OCN) (Pearson correlation coefficient 0.434), and frequency of relines (p<0.001). The other variables like age, gender, race, diabetes, calcium and vitamin D supplements did not reveal any statistically significant effect on the frequency of complete denture relines.

CONCLUSION: The results of our study indicate that edentulous patients with elevated bone turnover markers, C-Tx and OCN, reveal increased frequency of denture relines.

CLINICAL IMPLICATION: Association between the frequency of complete denture relines and bone turnover markers can serve as an early predictor for rapid alveolar bone resorption and can assist in identifying patients at risk for frequent relines.

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