Correlation of beds in the Pisco Basin across significant distances is problematic and has not yet been effectively achieved. I chose to examine an interval bounded by two time markers, an 40Ar/39Ar-dated white tuff at the base and an 40Ar/39Ar-dated tuff couplet at the top. This interval was chosen because of the continuity and excellent exposure of the tuff beds at six distinct locations in a linear transect 30 km long. Correlation of units was achieved through 40Ar/39Ar dating, lithology, sedimentary structures, and magnetic susceptibility. The vertical and lateral variability in lithology, fossil assemblages, structures, and sequences was examined in detail and used to develop a paleoenvironmental model of the time-bounded sequence. Six distinct facies from the Pisco Formation were defined and used toward developing the paleoenvironmental model. Sedimentary structures associated with the facies, such as hummocky cross-stratification and ripple laminations, suggest wave reworking in a nearshore environment. The presence of clastics and coarse-grained sediments decrease from the northern outcrops to the southern outcrops, suggesting a decrease in energy levels and an increase of water depth away from the shore. This study provides the first secure correlation across a significant distance and a more comprehensive stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental interpretation of the Upper Pisco Formation.

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Sediments (Geology) - Peru - Pisco Formation; Sedimentation and deposition - Peru - Pisco Formation; Geology; Stratigraphic - Miocene; Geology; Stratigraphic - Pliocene; Stratigraphic correlation; Sequence stratigraphy; Magnetic susceptibility; Radioactive dating

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Lithology; Sedimentary structures; Paleoenvironmental model; Cross-stratification; Ripple laminations



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