This dissertation aims to reach consensus on the defining factors of Paternal Peripartum Depression (PPPD) as well as identify research priorities through the Delphi method. Peripartum Depression is a major health issue for parents and their children. Fathers are at risk for peripartum depression due to the changes in identity, relationship, and biology they face during their transition to parenthood. A father’s mental health plays an intimate role in the overall health and outcomes of his family, but up until this point has been significantly overlooked. Due to the paucity of research and lack of clear consensus on the identifying features of PPPD and how it is best assessed, a Delphi Study seemed the most appropriate methodology for the next step in the developing area of postpartum depression within the family context This dissertation will introduce the issue of PPPD, described using a family systems theory and biopsychosocial framework. The publishable paper format was chosen for this dissertation. Paper One stemmed from a literature review on the issue of PPPD and described the role of family therapy in addressing this mental health issue. Paper Two stems from an international Delphi Study in which expert consensus on defining factors was sought. Consensus was achieved in the following realms: terminology, diagnostic criteria, risk/protective factors, biological factors, symptomology, the role of social support, assessment, treatment and operational care structure, financial costs, key stakeholders and future actions needed. Concluding chapters will provide a summary of the results, an overview of changes from the proposal stage, and future actions.

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Williams-Reade, Jackie

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Depression; Peripartum Period; Postpartum Period; Pregnancy - Psychology; Delphi Technique

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Paternal Peripartum Depression; Fathers - Psychology; Family-centered Care



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