This study evaluated marginal fit discrepancy of the abutment-implant body interface employing various components commonly utilized for implant framework fabrication. Four types of components ( castable plastic patterns, premachined gold abutments, premachined titanium abutments and CAD-CAM custom premachined titanium abutments) were evaluated. Five castable plastic patterns and five premachined gold abutme~ts from each of two manufacturers, five premachined titanium abutments and five CAD-CAM custom premachined titanium abutments were used. Components were affixed to a 3.75 x 10 mm dental implant and standardized measurements were obtained of the abutment-implant interface using a computerassisted microscope at various experimental time intervals. Measurements of the castable plastic components were recorded before and after casting as well as after finishing and polishing procedures.

Measurements of the premachined gold abutments were obtained before and after casting. CAD-CAM custom premachined titanium abutments and CeraOne® premachined titanium abutments were measured as provided by the manufacturer. Means and standard deviations were computed for each group at the various time intervals. Group means comparisons using Student t-test and Student-Newman-Keuls method were statisticalJy evaluated between each group as well as at each time interval.

Premachined gold and titanium abutments showed a statistically superior marginal fit compared to cast plastic abutment patterns at both Postcast and Finish measurement intervals.

Among the premachined abutments, Procera TM CAD-CAM titanium abutments exhibited improved marginal integrity though not significantly better when compared to both, gold abutments as well as the CeraOne®titanium abutments.

A significant improvement of the marginal fit was seen after careful laboratory finishing and polishing of the cast plastic abutment patterns. There was no significant alteration of the premachined gold abutment mating surfaces following casting. No significant differences were found in marginal discrepancy between identical abutments belonging to different manufacturers at the Postcast and Finish measurement intervals.

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Marginal fit discrepancy; Abutment-implant body interface; Implant framework fabrication; Castable plastic components; Postcast and Finish measurement intervals



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