Background: Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) occurs in 10% of women in Nepal, even 6% of nulliparous women have symptomatic POP.1 This may be linked to the heavy lifting tasks performed by women using a head strap.2 This study explored the impact of hormonal changes on the pelvic floor when performing these tasks during each phase of the menstrual cycle. Methods: The study included 22 female Nepali participants with a mean age of 27.4(3.6) years; all were from rural villages and frequently carried with a head strap. Using intravaginal pressure transducers (IVT), the mean change in intraabdominal pressure (IAP) was found to be 37.1(4.3) cmH20 when lifting a load with a mean weight of 19.8(3.2)kg using a head strap. Lifting tasks were simulated with isometric ballistic lifts against a head strap secured to the plith with the participant lying supine. The mean increase in IAP from rest was 31.6(2.1)cmH20. Displacement of the pelvic floor was measured by transperineal ultrasound. Mean displacement of the pelvic floor at ovulation was 5.1(0.4)mm and a mean of 5.9(0.4)mm during the early follicular phase (p 0.03). Conclusion: during the early follicular phase, when basal body temperature and beta estrogen are lowest, the compliance of the pelvic floor is greatest. Repetitive lifting during this time may predispose some woman to POP.

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