Introduction: Maintenance for complete dentures is a role that must be undertaken by the patient. It has been determined that two minutes of microwave irradiation at 650 Watts provides denture disinfection, and three minutes provide sterilization32,34. There is insufficient data on how this practice affects the long term dimensional stability of commonly used complete denture bases in the United States. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to perform an in-vitro investigation, testing and comparing the effects of microwave irradiation on the dimensional stability of three types of complete denture bases. Materials and Methods: An edentulous master cast with reference points was fabricated and duplicated. Thirty maxillary complete dentures were fabricated using three commonly used complete dentures base brands. Dentures were subjected to daily microwave irradiation for three minutes immersed in sterile water. Measurements were made after the specimens were fabricated, and then at one, two, and three months. The dimensional stability of the different complete denture bases were evaluated by comparing the baseline dimensions to the dimensions of each test group at the different time periods. Statistical Analysis: The overall dimensional changes of the simulated complete dentures being tested were estimated by using the percentage difference between the baseline area of each denture base and each test group. Data was statistically analyzed using a 2-way repeated measures ANOVA; followed by the Tukey HSD test. Statistical analysis was conducted at the 95% level of confidence (α=.05). Results: When comparing to the baseline, the Eclipse group had a mean shrinkage of 0.083% at one month with a standard error of 0.021; 0.14% (0.025) of shrinkage at two months; and 0.23% (0.026) of shrinkage at three months. The Ivocap group had 0.069% (0.013) shrinkage at one month; 0.16% (0.015) shrinkage at two months; and 0.25% (0.025) of shrinkage at three months. And the Lucitone group had 0.13% (0.017) of shrinkage at one month; 0.19% (0.023) of shrinkage at two months; and 0.33% (0.023) of shrinkage at three months. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, we can conclude that microwave irradiation did not reveal clinical significance on the dimensional stability of Eclipse, Ivocap and Lucitone denture bases when used at the wattage & time settings used in this study. Eclipse demonstrated the least amount of distortion among the denture bases tested.

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