“Accreditation is a voluntary program in which trained external peer reviewers evaluate an academic institution and compares it with pre-established performance standards” (Alkhenizan & Shaw, 2012, p. 407). Those standards need to be applied by the faculty and administrators working at institutions of higher education. To understand, evaluate, and improve the quality of higher education, it is crucial to explore and examine how those implementing accreditation perceive the process of accreditation and whether it has any association with their motivation and involvement.

This quantitative descriptive correlational study used a survey method to examine whether there is a relationship between perceptions about the academic accreditation process and its purpose, with motivation and level of involvement among faculty and administrators responsible for introducing accreditation into nursing schools in Saudi Arabia.

Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is new to the concept of applying national accreditation standards, the study provided unknown information about perceptions and motivation associated with accreditation in KSA universities and colleges. Further, the data gained from this study suggested a statistically significant difference between the faculty and administrators’ perception of process, perception of purpose, and level of education. There was a statistically significant difference in the level of involvement based on age category, type of institution, years in teaching and level of education. In contrast, there was no statistical significance in the participant’s motivation.

The findings of this research study contributes to the lack of data regarding the schools of nursing faculty and administrators’ perceptions, motivation and involvement level in the academic accreditation process and what could significantly change educational perception and practices in KSA nursing education.

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