The current research was designed to outline the Autocom features, develop teaching sequences which incorporated these features and determine the ability of prefirst and third grade subjects to operate the features for functional conmunication. The population was comprised of 20 physically and intellectually normal children-- 10 prefirst graders and 10 third graders. The subjects were met with individually at the La Sierra Hearing, Speech and Language Center for one or two sessions, for approximately 45 to 60 minutes per session.

Using teaching sequences developed by the investigator, the subjects were taught to operate each feature of the Autocom. At specific intervals during teaching, tests were administered to the subjects to determine their ability to operate the features. The investigator scored the operations utilized by the subjects during testing based on a four-point scale: spontaneous, first prompt, second prompt and no response.

The null hypotheses proposed for this investigation stated that it would not be possible to objectively determine the features of the Autocom for which a prefirst and third grade child should be expected to demonstrate mastery. The results supported rejection of the null hypotheses; thus indicating that it is possible to determine the ages at which children can be expected to operate the individual features of the Autocom.

[Keywords: Augmentative communication; Autocom features; Autocom operations; Auto-Monitoring Communication Board; Functional communication; Nonvocal; Nonvocal severely physically handicapped individuals; Phase]

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