Past research on values has typically employed a quantitative and top-down approach in determining the universality of values across gender, religion and nation categories (Schwartz & Huismans, 1995; Schwartz & Bardi, 2001). However, studies have often failed to identify specific values that are related to particular ethnic and socioeconomic communities within a culturally diverse society (Lee, Whitehead & Balchin, 2000; McCulloguh, Wilson, Teasdale, Kolpakch, & Skelly, 1993). The aim of this study was to use a bottom up, qualitative approach to identify core values among Latino and Anglo women in Southern California. The research was guided by a model for the study of culture in psychology proposed by Betancourt and collaborators (e.g., Betancourt & Fuentes, 2002, Betancourt, Hardin & Manzi, 1992; Betancourt & Lopez, 1993). Triandis' (1972) methods for the analysis of subjective culture were used to identify core values. It was hypothesized that there would be differences in the values Latino and Anglo women spontaneously report as well as in the degree of importance given to each value. It was also hypothesized that variations in values among ethnic groups would be accounted for at least in part by income, education and immigration status. Ten values emerged in the analyses as the most important in the participating women's lives. These ten values were reported by both Anglo and Latino women. However, differences emerged within the ethnic groups based on income, education and immigration status. Results are discussed in terms of their theoretical implication for the study of values and applications for interventions in a multicultural society.

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Cross-Cultural Comparison; Cultural Characteristics; Hispanic Americans -- psychology; United States -- ethnology; European Continental Ancestry Group -- psychology; Social Values -- United States.



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