Aims: It is the aim of this research to investigate the degree to which psychological and physiological distress levels coincide for those receiving psychological treatment. Another aim of this research is to investigate the effects of feedback to therapists on patient progress on a psychological and physiological outcome measure.

Methods:Adult outpatient partial hospitalization patients participating in eating disorder treatment were invited to take part in this research. In addition to demographic data, each participant was asked to fill out the Outcome Questionnairre - 45 and to deposit 4 ml of saliva into a collection tube to obtain cortisol measurements three times during the course of treatment (pretreatment, time of signal, and at posttreatment). In addition, a psychological assessment, a semi-structured clinical interview, and case notes were used to provide several case study examples.

Results: The results demonstrated mixed outcomes with several of the hypotheses being supported. Specifically, the results seem to substantiate previous research on the OQ-45, while the cortisol measurements partially confirm the stated hypotheses. In relation to pre-post differences, both the self-report psychological measure and the biological marker suggest that treatment is beneficial.

Discussion: These results support the mind - body and psychoneuroimmunology research that posits the inseparable connection between the mind and the body, treating the person as a complex set of interactions that occur between thoughts and emotions, the biological nature of the body, and socio-cultural factors. Implications for future research, program development, and delivery of treatment are discussed.

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Stress, Psychological; Stress -- physiopathology; Stress -- therapy; Stress -- immunology; Immune Tolerance; Psychoneuroimmunology -- case studies; Psychotherapy -- methods; Treatment Outcome; Mind-Body Relations.



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