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This has been a study in which it was attempted to determine the effect of slowly digesting food on the glucose tolerance curves of patients who had abnormal blood sugar levels.

The experimental method was used. Patients were selected by criteria which included certain symptomology and background of diabetic history. Fifty-two patients were prepared for glucose tolerance tests by a diet predominating in rapidly digested carbohydrates. This diet contained food which is commonly used in the American diet. After following the diet for three days, blood samples were drawn during the fasting state, and the patient was then given glucose, the amount being determined by the age and weight of the individual. Blood glucose levels were then determined by the Somogyi-Nelson “true blood sugar" method in one-half hour, one-hour, and subsequently at hourly intervals for a total of six hours.

Twenty-three patients repeated the same program using a second test diet in which the carbohydrate was changed to consist of slowly digested carbohydrate mainly from unrefined sources.

The curves of the blood sugar findings of each patient were graphed for comparison, and their results were classified into four types: normal, diabetes, early mild diabetes, and functional hyperinsulinism. Each group was then averaged, and these averages were graphed for drawing conclusions as to the effects of the test diets.


1. The rapid or slow availability of the carbohydrate in a preparatory diet may effect the subsequent tolerance curve and this effect may be observed when the respective diet has been invested for as short a period as three days.

2. The effect of such diets may depend on the state of compensation of the pancreas at the time of administration of the test.

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