The purpose of this study was to see what information concerning eight aspects of their health problems was communicated to return patients in the General Medicine Clinic of a part-pay urban outpatient department, and who of the clinic personnel were involved in verbalizing this information.

The descriptive survey was chosen as the method of study, using the observation technique with a work sheet. The eight categories of the work sheet were decided upon by a review of literature. These were broken down into four levels beginning with no information or slight information and progressing to greater depth and detail.

The data was analysed (1) for the percentage and frequency of information being verbalized in the eight categories for fifty return patients, (2) for the significant difference between information given on the cursory level m compared to the combined deeper levels. (3) for the significant difference in the amount of information given when comparing patients grouped according to the numbers of visits the patients had previously made to the clinic, (4) for the percentage of Involvement by the various personnel of the clinic.

One hundred percent of the patients to whom the category applied heard information on "New Tests," and "Home Treatments," 97.7 per cent on "Medicines," and 91,3 per cent on "diet," Fifty per cent of all the patients heard Information on "Mature of Illness,1 74 per cent on "Diagnosis," 68 per cent on "Prognosis," and 66.6 per cent on "Test Results."

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