This thesis is an effort to determine what principles should be formulated in Christian mission to Muslims to lead them to the saving power of Jesus Christ. The subject matter has been divided into two parts: 1) information relevant to theological doctrines and 2) the recommendations or findings.

In the first part in regard to the doctrine of sin, Christianity advocates faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ as the remedy for His believers, while Islam believes that man is good by nature and Allah's remedy is the Quran. Consequently, Muslims do not recognize a- need for salvation in the Christian sense. Although there are differences, the Christian God is the same Being as the Muslim Allah. The claims that Muhammad was the Biblical Old Testament prophet from the brethren of Moses and the New Testament paraclete are examined and rejected. A Quranic reference to the second coming of Christ is discussed. Various reasons are presented to substantiate the certainty that the Bible has remained virtually unchanged. Lastly, in part one common a 1 it i es between Is 1 am and Seventh-day Adventist illustrate how this Christian denomination has been successful in winning some Muslim converts.

The recommendations of part two are based on principles of effective cross-cultural communication. Christians should delay the use of certain easily-misunderstood terminology. While the supreme objective is to present Christ, the doctrines concerning Christ are to be deferred in the presentation. The Muslim convert to Christianity should be encouraged to remain in his community as a continuing witness for Christ. Finally, every effort should be made to divorce Christianity from Western culture.

A major problem in Christian-Muslim dialogue is the misunderstanding they each hold concerning the other and the polemic approaches each employs. This thesis attempts to suggest better understandings.

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