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Many Brazilians are malnourished and show lack of adequate education in nutrition and cookery by their poor food habits. Nutrition education is important means of combating malnutrition. There is a pressing need for more nutrition education in Brazil.

It has been the purpose of this study to present a small book, on the average Brazilian homemaker and layman's level with up-to-date nutrition information, simple principles for food preparation and economic and easy-to-prepare recipes calling for food readily available in Brazil.

In order to present such a book scientific nutrition literature has been reviewed.

First, on the nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals their importance in the various stages of life; the supplementary values of various nutrients necessary for man} and the importance of receiving adequate amounts of each.

Second, on food patterns, with emphasis on the Basic Four Pattern, and its application in planning adequate meals.

Third, on principles governing wise menu planning.

Fourth, on present world interest in vegetable protein supplementation and its possible application in Brasil.

Fifth, on nutrition principles governing different phases of life as childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and lactation, and old age.

Sixth, on simple basic nutrition principles applied in disease.

Seventh, on methods of food preparation, emphasizing those that preserve the most nutrients, and produce attractive and palatable dishes.

Eight, on principles of writing for homemakers.

Ninth, on requisites for recipe writing.

This material has been the background for the thesis problem which was the writing in laymen's language for the book, Your Food and You, for Brazil specifically.

Recipes used in the book were chosen and tasted for nutritious dishes popular in Brazil.

In conclusion suggestions are make for policies to govern publishing of the book in Brazil, after it is translated into the Portuguese language.

A revision of chapters, increasing their number but using material already presented, is recommended. Suggestions are made on how to present these chapters in a form more attractive to the Brazilian homemaker.




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