Tissue response toward injection by a "fluid-pressure" type apparatus, the Mizzy Syrijet, was evaluated by using dogs as the experimental animal.

The tongue was the organ of choice because it's size is sufficient to allow for several injections without overlapping tissue responses. In addition the two halves of the tongue are anatomically separated by a median raphe, providing for further isolation of injections.

The animals were injected at 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hour intervals utilizing the Syrijet on the right side of the tongue and needle on the left. Needle injection served as control for the microscopic comparison. Dog #1 was injected with 2% Carbocaine Hydrochloride, and dog #2 injected similarly with isotonic saline.

Microscopic sections of tissue injected with the Syrijet showed a significant amount of tissue disturbance such as inflammatory infiltration, edema, and free hemorrhage. A minimal response was seen in the needle injected sites, showing slight free hemorrhage and a little inflammation in some sections while in others no microscopic evidence of tissue reaction was noted.

Ignoring the time differential in comparing tissue damage between the Syrijet and needle statistically, the "T" test clearly indicated a significant difference in the amount of hemorrhage, swelling, tissue disturbance, cellular infiltrate, and free hemorrhage in Dog #1.

A similar response was also noted in dog #2 in the amount of swelling, tissue disturbance, and cellular infiltrate, and free hemorrhage.


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