Trauma has received great attention in the last three decades and a major societal issue today is child sexual abuse. Twelve percent of victims of maltreatment every year are victims of child sexual abuse (CSA). Several studies have suggested that the prevalence of CSA in women is in the range of 6% to 62% depending on how the data was collected (e.g., interviews, surveys) and the nature of the population sampled (e.g., general population, clinical population). Because of CSA, victims are impacted by the experience and encounter a change in the way they perceive the world on both the way they act and react upon it. Some research on the characteristics of CSA and effects in adult functioning have been identified and targeted for intervention. Among the CSA literature, Finkelhor & Browne’s (1986) traumagenic theory is one of the most frequently cited organizing construct for understanding the impact of CSA, yet it has surprisingly received relatively little actual empirical evaluation. This study examined a conceptual model based on the Browne and Finkelhor (1986) theory of traumagenic dynamics and was tested using structural equation modeling. The conceptual model evaluated looked at CSA and its influence on the four traumagenic factors and their effect on negative behavioral outcomes. The conceptual model was not supported by the data. However, a hypothetical model was gleaned from segments of the model that did load successfully. Results and implications follow with future directions and limitations of the study.

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