Objectives: To understand how patients, doctors, and families see, form, and commit to relationship and how power and gender influence their interpersonal processes and meanings.

Methods: Grounded theory methodology was used. There were six family medicine physicians, ten patients, and ten family members who participated. Physicians, patients, and family members were matched.

Results: Four themes emerged: types of patient-doctor-family relationships (extended family and traditional), types of care (relationship-centered care (RCC), family-oriented care (FOC), whole-person care (WPC), and patient-centered care (PCC)), commitment and intimacy, and interpersonal processes (perception of relationship shape, bonding, confidence and trust, equality and partnership, mutuality, and shared story). Results showed that patient-doctor-family relationships that were viewed as extended family relationships were associated with RCC, FOC, and WPC, sustained commitment and genuine intimacy, and a circle relationship shape. Patient-doctor-family relationships that were viewed as traditional relationships were associated with PCC, limited commitment and pseudo intimacy, and a triangle relationship shape.

Discussion: Findings revealed the significance of the patient-doctor-family relationship in healthcare not previously identified. The themes of intimacy and commitment also have not been previously associated with the patient-doctor-family relationship and healthcare.

Practice Implications: Medical family therapists may find it beneficial to consider the level of intimacy and commitment in the patient-doctor-family relationship in order to better plan collaboration strategies.

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