Almonds, peanuts, mung beans and soy beans were soaked in distilled water for 0, 2, 6, 18 and 24 hours, and the phytate in the seeds and in the soak water was quantitatively analyzed. A comparison of phytate content was made after the seeds were soaked in 0.01 N HCl or in saturated NaHco 3. The seeds soaked in distilled water served as controls. The effects of zinc and magnesium on stimulation of phytase in seeds were determined by comparing the quantity of substrate (phytate) with that of the control group.

The method for analyzing the phytate content was based on dry weight. After phytic acid was extracted by hot HCl, ferric phytate was precipitated by adding an excess amount of ferric chloride. The iron of ferric phytate was converted to ferric hydroxide with NaOH and the amount of iron in each sample was spectrophotometrically determined.

The results in this study show that under acid conditions phytates in seeds were soluble, but under alkaline conditions the reverse is true. using water alone the extraction does not offer a promising method of removing phytate. zinc may .have some effect on increaseing the activity of phytase in some seeds, but with Zn2+ and Mg2+ together no effect on phytase activity was observed.




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