The purpose of this pilot study was to find trends of needs of senior citizens which would be helpful to the community in planning for rehabilitative services. These needs were identified and described from data secured by personal interviews of 56 respondents, using a prearranged schedule. These respondents were 50 years of age and over who lived in and sought hospitalization in the Arrowhead United Fund Area. They were interviewed an average of 13 days following discharge from the three hospitals selected for the study.

The average respondent was found to be a man, 68 years of age, married and living with his spouse. He owned his own home which could very well be in any part of the Area. He was more apt to be retired before the illness which caused the hospitalization at the time of the survey and his diagnosis was more apt to be some form of heart disease. He stayed in the hospital an average of 13 days and his greatest needs following discharge were expressed as a need for homemaker service and observed as conditions which physical therapy is most often able to correct. The remaining needs were expressed in degree of need in the following order: transportation, occupational therapy, physician, prostheses, foster and nursing home care, nurse, and special equipment.

From the analysis of the survey data, it would seem that the community would want to consider the establishment of a homemaker service and physical therapy first.

Second, it seems possible that a greater measure of prevention of chronic illness and disabilities in the elderly might be considered with existing personnel and that increased efforts through all channels of communication might be made to inform the public of existing facilities.

Third, that whatever services are established, be made available to citizens of all economic levels.

Fourth, that in considering long term goals, a study be made of the neighboring county’s demonstration of a home care plan for applications to the rehabilitation coverage in the Arrowhead United Fund Area. Comprehensive rehabilitation seeks to assist the individual to reach a level of maximum physical, mental, social, and economic usefulness and many disciplines are necessary to accomplish this goal.

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