A total of 18 obese men and women volunteered and participated in a seven-day protein sparing modified fast providing 400 calories per day. The subjects were concurrently participating in an eight-week weight control program combining the facets of nutrition education, group therapy, and values clarification. The modified fast, which was optional, was conducted during two different time periods with a conventional low calorie diet prescribed during the four-week interval.

The diet formula consisted of a high biological value protein, dried egg white, and either glucose or corn starch as the carbohydrate source. The composition of the diets varied as follows: Diet I - 75 % protein, 25% corn starch; Diet II - 75% protein, 25% glucose; Diet III - 25% protein, 75% corn starch; Diet IV - 25% protein, 75% glucose. The hormonal response of glucagon and insulin relative to the four diets was evaluated. Baseline and post-fast serum samples were obtained from the subjects.

Analysis showed no significant difference in response elicited by the various diets of either insulin or glucagon or in the insulin to glucagon ratio. The mean weight loss during both modified fasting periods was 7-5 pounds with a range of one pound to 16 pounds. The total weight loss for an individual at the end of the eight-week program ranged from three pounds to 27 pounds with a mean of 13-7 pounds.




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