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Objective: To investigate the effects of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fat from plant versus marine sources on biochemical markers of bone turnover.

Design: Both studies were controlled, single blind, randomized trials using Latin-square crossover designs.

Subjects/Methods:Twenty-five (12 females and 13 males) and 24 (9 females and 15 males) healthy participants completed the Fish-Walnut Study and the Omega-3 Study, respectively. The Fish-Walnut Study included three diets: [1] control, [2] ALA-rich diet (1.5 oz of walnuts/day, 6 times/week), and [3] EPA/DHA-rich diet (8 oz of salmon/week). The Omega-3 Study included four diets: [1] control, [2] ALA-rich diet (42-49 g flaxseed oil/wk; lOg walnuts, 3 times/week), [3] EPA/DHA-rich diet (1.40/5.04 g EPA/DHA from microalgae oil/wk), and [4] combination diet (including both ALA and EPA/DHA diets). After a 1-week run-in phase, participants were randomly assigned to a diet for 4 weeks each for the Fish-Walnut Study and 8 weeks each for the Omega-3 Study. Biochemical markers of bone turnover [c-telopeptide (CTX); procollagen Type I N-terminal propeptide (PINT); and osteocalcin (OC)] were analyzed in serum at the end of each diet period in both studies.

Results:There were no significant changes in serum CTX, P1NP, and OC among the three diets (p > 0.05) in both studies. In the Fish-Walnut Study, there was a significant negative association between P1NP levels and age (p = 0.005). In the Omega-3 Study, there was a significant negative association between age and CTX (p

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that both an ALA-rich diet and an EPA/DHA-rich diet did not alter biochemical markers of bone resorption (CTX) and formation (P1NP and OC) in healthy adults in this study design.




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Diet therapy -- Nutrition; Fatty acids -- Health aspects; Bones -- Metabolism; Nutritional Assessment; Dietary Fats -- metabolism; Fatty Acids, Unsaturated -- therapeutic use; Fatty Acids, Omega 3 -- therapeutic use; Fish Oils -- therapeutic use; Nuts -- therapeutic use; Plants, Edible -- therapeutic use; Bone and Bones -- metabolism; Health -- Adult; Biological Markers; Cross-Sectional Studies.



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