A study was conducted to determine factors which can promote and prevent the rest of the hospitalized cardiac patient. Literature was reviewed in the areas of patients' opinions about their hospitalization and pertinent concepts in medical and nursing literature regarding cardiac rest. A study was not found which polled cardiac patient specifically regarding their ability to rest. Most authorities in this area strongly advocate rest for the cardiac patient, but there is disagreement of how and how long the patient should rest.

A questionnaire was sent to seventy cardiac patients who had been hospitalized in the nine months prior to this study in one selected private general hospital. The questions were a combination of the check list type and the open-ended type. Patients were questioned in the areas of physical care, supportive nursing care, hospital environment, visitors, and their interpretation of rest. Of the fifty-four questionnaires returned, forty-seven were usable for the analysis of data.

The majority of respondents were in a semi-private room. The mean age for the forty-one who reported their age was 63.7 years. In the area of physical care the majority of respondents indicated they were satisfied, but some of the respondents did express omissions in care. Regarding supportive nursing care the majority of patients felt the nurse stayed long enough to answer questions but less than 50 per cent felt their care was explained. In general, answers indicated respondents received supportive nursing care. Most of the patients responded that visitors were welcomed. About one-fourth indicated they would like to have been consulted about their visitors and the rules governing them. It was in the area of hospital environment that patients expressed the most dissatisfaction. Noise seemed to be the main factor disturbing their rest. Respondents interpreted rest as meaning quietness, freedom from activity, and mental and physical relaxation. Grouping cardiac patients together in a quiet section of the hospital was a suggestion listed by some that would improve the care received.

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