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The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a relationship between a functional score given to the patient on the day of discharge from an acute setting and the setting to which the patient is discharged. There were 102 subjects (58 female, 44 male) included in the study and their ages ranged from 20 to 91 years (mean age=61.6 years). The following data were collected on all subjects: age, gender, diagnosis, past medical history, duration of hospital stay, duration of physical therapy, reason for discharge, family support, type of insurance, and Physical Assistance Key (PAK) score on day of discharge. A significant difference in the means of the PAK scores was found between those who were discharged home and those who were discharged to inpatient rehabilitation (Rehab) or skilled nursing facility (SNF). Diagnosis was most significant when comparing those discharged home independently versus home with physical therapy and also those discharged to Rehab versus SNF. Function was found to be a consistent variable for matching a patient with an appropriate discharge destination when comparing home to inpatient care of Rehab or SNF.

Key Words: Discharge, Outcomes, Function, Physical assistance.

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Patient Discharge; Physical Therapy; Continuity of Patient Care; Length of Stay.



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