Forty-eight weanling male Sprague-Dawley laboratory white rats were fed diets composed of whole wheat bread which was made with one of the three sweeteners studied and added before or after baking and adequate vitamins and minerals for the animals' needs. The rats were divided into six groups, designated A through F. Groups A, C, and E were fed bread diets that had the sweeteners honey, corn syrup, and white table sugar added respectively before baking, while Groups B, D, and F were fed bread diets with the sweeteners honey, corn syrup, and white table sugar added respectively after baking.

The data in this study indicate that no significant difference was found in the growth of rats fed diets containing whole wheat bread in which the sweeteners were added before or after baking. Though the rats fed the bread diets baked without sweeteners added before the baking had increased growth rates, the increased growth rate for this size group was not statistically significant.

The data presented in this study showed that there was no significant difference in the rate of growth in rats consuming diets containing whole wheat bread whether honey, corn syrup, or white sugar was added before or after its baking. Since the sample in this study was limited, a generalization should not be made. However, from the finding of this exploratory study, it appears that if ordinary bread procedures as used in this study are used, the amino acid content of baked whole wheat breads will not be affected in any degree to impair growth.


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