It was the purpose of this study to determine, from the literature, current practice in the use of bland diets, and from this information to prepare a booklet for use in instructing the ambulatory ulcer patient.

Ulcer regimens have been criticized in recent literature for being unnecessarily restrictive, 61, 68 and for employing a diet which is high in saturated fat. 16, 50

It is recommended that patients be given diet instructions in written form. These instructions are to be adapted as much as possible to the normal meal patterns of the patient as determined by dietary interview, carried out in a quiet place with privacy.

The diet instruction booklet contains general information on the reasons for prescribing a bland diet and how to plan for meals at home and away. Nine food lists were prepared, stating which foods may be used and which the ulcer patient should avoid. Suggested meal patterns are included, which provide good nutrition as well as a bland regimen. Space is provided for a personal meal pattern and menu, planned by the dispensing professional for each patient. A few recipes are included.

In the introduction to the booklet are suggested meal patterns and modifications for persons also on fat, sodium or calorie restrictions.




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