Male weanling rats were placed on a nutritionally adequate casein diet and randomly assigned to one of eight groups. The first four groups were force fed alcohol for 22 days prior to the experimental phase of the study, while the last four groups had access to water only. Upon commencing the experimental phase each group was given one of the following diets: continuation of the casein diet; Cheddar; Limburger; or Roquefort cheese diets, along with the choice of alcohol and/or water. The particular cheeses were chosen for their ability to raise brain serotonin levels (62) . Alcohol consumption was measured daily among all groups.

A general linear hypothesis was used to compare serotonin levels with diet, drinking status, animal, and alcohol consumption per day. Of the variables considered in the analysis, the most important variable in terms of accounting for variability in serotonin levels was diet, i.e. whether the animal was given access to a casein or cheese diet, however, it failed to reach significance (p=.08). Findings from this study suggest that serotonin levels are the result of an interaction between type of diet and total alcohol consumption, i.e., whether the animal drank alcohol throughout the entire course of the experiment, or merely had access to it during the experimental phase.




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