This study examined successful aging through a family resilience lens by developing a psychometrically tested assessment that can be used to measure family and individual resilience in a population of older adults and by then applying these latent structures to predict successful aging across four domains; self-rated successful aging, psychosocial health, cognitive decline, and physical health. Data from 1,006 older adults were analyzed in three steps. The first identified the underlying latent structure through principle component (exploratory) factor analysis (EFA). The second included the use of confirmatory factor analysis to validate the structure from the first step. The third utilized a structural equation model (SEM) to understand the predictive power of individual and family resilience on outcomes of successful aging, and then, tested the interdependence relationship between individual and family resilience. EFA produced an eight-factor structure that appeared clinically relevant. CFA confirmed the eight-factor structure previously achieved and confirmed a second order nesting of these factors into individual and family resilience factors. SEM showed individual and family resilience operates as interdependent concepts and produce unique predictive validity for measures of successful aging. This study advances the family resilience framework in connection with individual resilience by introducing the Multilevel Resilience Measure (MRM) that assesses two levels of resilience (family and individual) in older adults, which can be utilized to predict domains of successful aging. Understanding aging from a family resilience lens assists in recognizing the transitions, adaptations, and recovery processes experienced by families as they age, which provides direction for future research and clinical application.

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Distelberg, Brian

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January 2012

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Family -- Mental Health; Resilience (Personality Trait); Aging

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Family Resilience Lens; Aging; Family Resilience; Individual Resilience; Psychosocial Health; Cognitive Decline; Physical Health; Self-rated Successful Aging; Multilevel Resilience Measure



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