The effects of 1300 calorie, high-polyunsaturated fat, lacto ovo- vegetarian diets with two carbohydrate levels (30 per cent and 50 per cent of the total calories) were observed in two matched twelve-subject groups over five week periods. Weight loss, satiety value, urinary ketone levels, as well as changes in glucose tolerance, serum insulin, cholesterol, free fatty acid, and uric acid levels were compared. Total weight loss averaged 12.9 pounds in the 30 per cent carbohydrate group and 13.6 pounds in the 50 per cent carbohydrate group. Differences were not significant. Satiety value of the lower carbohydrate diet was considerably greater. This was considered a potential determinant of cooperation and hence weight loss. Glucose tolerance improved somewhat more on the 30 per cent carbohydrate diet. Due to group imbalances in initial serum insulin levels, no conclusions could be drawn. Cholesterol decreased slightly but significantly on both diets. Changes in uric acid and presence of ketone bodies were found insignificant. On the 30 per cent carbohydrate diet a slight but significant increase in FFA occurred. Differences in FFA increases approached significance between groups. It was concluded that the 30 per cent carbohydrate reducing diet observed in this study held primarily the advantage of greater satiety value over the isocaloric 50 percent carbohydrate diet.




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