Chung Mu Seo


Although early detection can improve survival of breast and cervical cancer, U.S. Latinas are more likely to be diagnosed at later stages of cancer and have poorer survival rates compared to Anglo women. Poorer continuity of care and adherence to recommended screening are seen as contributing factors to this disparity. Existing interventions have tried to reduce human, system, and culture barriers. However, they lacked a systemic guidance in the process of identifying cultural factors and the pathways in which they affect the specific behavior of interest through psychological processes in a minority population. Guided by Betancourt’s integrative model of culture, psychology, and behavior, the current project proposes guidelines to facilitate studies that are theoretically and methodologically sound in making unbiased discoveries and scientific assessment. A further purpose of these guidelines is to design well-informed interventions that can be evaluated and improved. An illustrative process is also presented in which a specific cultural factor (negative beliefs about healthcare professionals) and psychological processes (attribution of negative healthcare interaction and related emotions) are identified as determinants of emotion and behavior. This process leads to a more focused intervention strategy using patient education and attribution retraining components.

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Hector M. Betancourt

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

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Neoplasms -- ethnology; Hispanic Americans; Breast Neoplasms -- psychology; Uterine Cervical Neoplasms -- psychology; Early Detection of Cancer -- psychology; Survival Rate; Continuity of Patient Care -- trends.



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