This observational study examines the relationship between socioeconomic status (SES), built environment, and food environment factors and childhood obesity. In this study, the participants were selected from three elementary schools located in the innercity of Montclair, California. Information about each student’s health and family income and was gathered. In addition, the number of parks, fast food restaurants, and grocery stores within the school district border lines were tallied. I also observed the quality of the parks and food sold in the markets, built environment I hypothesized that childhood obesity is associated with SES (i.e., income level and education level), the built environment (i.e., number of parks and parents/guardian’s perception of neighborhood safety), and the food environment (i.e. number of fast-food restaurants and number of grocery stores) and barriers to engaging in physical activities outside the home, all of which contribute to increasing rates of childhood obesity.


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Obesity in children -- California -- Montclair; Children -- Nutrition -- California -- Montclair; Children and the environment -- California -- Montclair; Obesity -- Child; Obesity -- California -- Montclair; Nutrition Surveys -- California -- Montclair; Environment and Public Health -- California -- Montclair; Socioeconomic Factors -- California -- Montclair; Montclair (Calif.)



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