The 45th General Conference Session took place over the course of 11 days from June 5 - June 15, 1946. The meetings were held at Sligo Church, Takoma Park, Washington and the first Sabbath Services, June 7 and 8, were held at Uline Arena, Washington, D.C. Many presenters discussed World War II events, including internment camps, bombing, property loss, etc. Missionaries and musical groups from many countries gave performances and discussed cultural differences.

This was the first General Conference session to be recorded, though not in entirety. The recordings were made direct to 68 acetate discs with aluminum core. All but one severely damaged disc were transferred to 31 reel-to-reel Ampex 456 tapes in 1984. In 2021 the tapes were digitized. The original acetate discs are kept at the White Estate in Washington D.C. Ampex tapes, cassette tapes, and digital files are maintained by the Loma Linda University Special Collections and Archives.

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Recordings of the 45th General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (1946)