Volume 3, Issue 1 (2018)

“All we know is still infinitely less than all that still remains unknown."

— William Harvey




Primary Cutaneous Mucinous Carcinoma Treated with Micrographic Surgery
Cassandra Johnson, Vlatka Agnetta, and Abel Torres


Aerodynamic Changes in Patients with Chronic Cough Treated with Cough Suppression Therapy
Jin Yang, Thomas Murry, Salem Dehom, Andrea Cragoe, Brianna Crawley, and Priya Krishna


Contact Dermatitis Awareness and Education through the Use of Online Platforms
Brittanya Limone, Chandler Rundle, and Sharon Jacob-Soo MD


Single Lower Border Plate Fixation in Anterior Mandibular Fractures
Ted Park, Kathleen Lopez, D Nguyen, and Mark Martin


Factors Associated with Access to Immunotherapy and Its Impact on Survival in Mucosal Melanoma
Joanne Jee Yeon Lee; Donovan Kearns; Medora Rodrigues; Blake Babcock; Naveenraj L. Solomon MD; Maheswari Senthil MD; Mark E. Reeves MD, PhD; Carlos A. Garberoglio MD; and Jukes P. Namm MD


The Effect of High-Impact Exercise on Stress Urinary Incontinence in Physically Active Women
Jean Yang, Hillary Wagner MD, Julie Cheng MD, Gene Austin Krishingner, Kristin Chung, and Andrea Staack


Male and Female Mice Exhibit Divergent Responses of the Cortical Vasculature to Traumatic Brain Injury
Amandine Jullienne, Arjang Salehi, Bethann M. Affeldt, Mohsen Baghchechi, Elizabeth Haddad, Angela Avitua, Mark Walsworth, Isabelle Enhalric, Mary Hamer, Sonali Bhakta, Jiping Tang, John Zhang, William Pearce, and Andrea Obenaus


Healthcare Disparities in Lupus Nephritis: Findings from the Southern California Lupus Registry
Arezoo Haghshenas, Phildrich The, Karina Torralba, and Vaneet K. Sandhu


A Durable, Realistic, Low-Cost Training Model for Percutaneous Renal Access Using Ballistic Gelatin
Jonathan Ewald, Julie Cheng, Shawn Engelhart, Michael Wilkinson, Mohammad Hajiha, Hillary Wagner, and Duane D. Baldwin


Cedric Thiel, SOM 2019

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Anastasia Haddad, SOM 2018

Brandon Peplinski, SOM 2018

Alison Wong, SOM 2018

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Neera Shah, SOM 2021

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