Medical Arts and Sciences: A Scientific Journal of the College of Medical Evangelists

MEDICAL ARTS AND SCIENCES is a journal, published from 1947 through 1974, which deals with science and the application of science in medicine. Art and science are combined inseparably in the practice of medicine, and the art and science are to some extent synonymous. By necessity, in the past, medical practice has outrun the progress of science. It is no longer necessary, as some still urge, for medical practice to be in advance of, or even independent of, scientific groundwork. Scientific medicine tempered with humanity is the best instrument for the relief of sickness.

Published by the College of Medical Evangelists, a school in which the humanitarian side of medical practice receives foremost emphasis, this journal will contain articles which cover the practical, cultural, and philosophical as well as the experimental, investigative, and critical sides of medicine.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Number 1 (1949)

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Injurious Effects from Contacts with Millipedes
Bruce W. Halstead and Raymond Ryckman

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