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Acid-Base Disorders Commonly Seen at a Tertiary Health Care Center

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Master of Physician Assistant Research Reports 2005


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the frequency of acid-base disorders at a tertiary health care center. Methods: Arterial blood gas (ABG) samples (n=l 80) were randomly selected from the medical and surgical intensive care units (MICU/SICU) at Loma Linda University Medical Center over a given four month period. Each sample was interpreted and descriptive statistics were generated. Results: Approximately 31 % of ABG samples were normal. The most common acid-base disorder among both ICUs was simple respiratory alkalosis, occurring 39.2% out of all abnormal ABG results. Twenty-two percent of abnormal ABGs were found to be mixed acid-base disorders. There was no difference between the MICU and SICU when comparing normal, simple, or mixed acid-base disorders. Conclusion: Despite the results of our study, we do not recommend any changes in current curriculum or practice, nevertheless, educators and clinicians should be conscious that respiratory alkalosis was the most common acidbase disorder. Furthermore, mixed disorders occur with enough frequency that they must be a part of ABG education.

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Physician Assistant


Physician Assistant


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Wilkins, Robert L.

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Bourne, Kenrick C.

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Daher, Noha

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Master of Science (MS)

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Acid-Base Imbalance; Acid-base imbalances; Health Services Research; Physician Assistants


Respiratory alkalosis; Arterial blood gas; Acid-base disorders


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