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Job Satisfaction Among Registered Dietitians in Various Settings in the United States

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Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Research Reports 2018



Background. Registered Dietitians (RD) are employed in various practice settings, yet little is known regarding their job satisfaction. Not all states have RD licensure, perhaps influencing levels of job satisfaction.

Objective. The purpose of this graduate student research study was to analyze job satisfaction among RDs and identify influential factors in order to better equip policy- and strategy- makers.

Design. The study consisted of an anonymous online survey completed through the Qualtrics® website and an optional interview completed by email, phone, in-person, or through Zoom. RDs were recruited using flyers, word of mouth, email, and the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Participants/setting. Eligibility criteria included employment as an RD in the United States and being between the ages of 21 and 90. A total of 533 responses to the survey were received. Of those, 489 responses qualified. Twenty RDs participated in the interview.

Statistical analyses performed. Statistical analyses for the survey included a reverse negative method to find the overall job satisfaction score, descriptive analysis, and the Kruskal-Wallis test. The interviews were analyzed using qualitative data analysis methods.

Results. The overall mean job satisfaction score was 2.97 out of 5. Of the survey respondents, 73.2% (n =358) indicated that they worked in the clinical area of practice, which had the lowest overall job satisfaction ranking of all practice areas. There were significant differences (p = .007) between the overall mean satisfaction ranks of the lowest income category ($10,000 to $30,000) versus the highest (>$90,000). Autonomy, meaning, recognition, and respect were main factors affecting job satisfaction.

Conclusions. This study has led to a deeper understanding of factors influencing job satisfaction and identified opportunities to improve RD job satisfaction. This study may contribute vital information to support state licensure laws for RDs and promote whole person well-being.

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Nutrition and Dietetics


Nutrition and Dietetics


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Bains, Gurinder

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Zimmerman, Grenith

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Javaherian-Dysinger, Heather

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Master of Science (MS)

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Nutritionists; Job satisfaction


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