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The Association between Nutrition-Focused Instagram Accounts and Nutrition Knowledge and Food Choices in Instagram Users

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Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Research Reports 2020


Background: Instagram is a fairly unregulated social media platform that is reported as having over 250 million daily users. As this social network is frequently used to seek out health-related information, misleading nutrition information could potentially have a detrimental effect on the public’s health. Thus, it may be beneficial for nutrition and dietetic practitioners to be present on Instagram to offer credible nutrition information to the many Instagram users.

Objective: To examine the effects that nutrition-focused Instagram accounts have on nutrition knowledge and food choices of Instagram users.

Design: A cross-sectional random sample of Instagram users completed an online anonymous survey designed by graduate students and administered via Qualtrics survey software.

Participants: Individuals aged 18 years and above met the inclusion criteria of having an Instagram account and following at least one nutrition-focused Instagram account.

Main outcomes: Assessed that nutrition-focused Instagram accounts are associated with influencing Instagram users in their nutrition knowledge and food choices.

Statistics: A correlation analysis and a Chi-square goodness of fit tests were used to determine the associations between study variables. Data was analyzed using SPSS 25.0, IBM Corp.

Results: One hundred and twenty Instagram users completed the survey. There were significant associations between the trust Instagram users have in nutrition-focused Instagram accounts and influence on their food choices and nutrition knowledge (p<0.000, p<0.000). There was a significant association between frequency of exposure, at least once a day Instagram visits, and food choice (p<0.002) and increase in nutrition knowledge (p=0.035).

Conclusion: Instagram users are interested in learning about a healthy lifestyle, therefore, it is important to educate the public on how nutrition can help people live healthy lives. For this reason, an increased Registered Dietitian presence on Instagram can potentially benefit the public’s health.

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Nutrition and Dietetics


Nutrition and Dietetics


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Gurinder Bains

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Lida Gharibvand

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Andrea Fanica

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Edward Bitok

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Master of Science (MS)

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nutrition information; social media


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