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Ben H. Matthews; Sandra K. Craig; Alice E. Gregg; John Parrish; Irene Schmidt; Catherine N. Graf; Stella C. Peterson; Hugh C. Love, DDS; Jennie Stagg Hudson; Oliver L. Jacques; P. William Dysinger, MD


Dentistry provides clinic for 10, 000 Indians, September enrollment expected to top all records, Japan University Library gets medical books, Summer Mexico mission staffed with 44 participants, Bank of America contributes $1000, night fire burns barn and equipment


Inside this issue:

- School Provides Dentists, Clinic for 10,000 Indians
- Expect September Enrollment To Top All Previous Records
- Summer Mexico Mission Jaunt Staffed With 44 Participants
- Night Fire Burns Barn and Equipment
- Bank of America Contributes $1,000
- Brasley Foundation Makes $1,000 Gift
- New Japan University Library Gets Medical Book Send-Off
- Guest Editorial, Founders Had Vigor
- No-Smoking Boost for Youth
- Letters To the Editor
- LLU Personnel Get-Up to 3 Hours Classwork Gratis
- This Month in Loma Linda University History
- Technologist Here Elected Secretary
- [ Book Talk ] Congo Enigma Illuminated By Belgian Autobiography
- Faculty Association Lists University
- A Brief History of Seventh-day Adventist Medical Work
- Pioneer Health Institution Spawns Progressive Leaders
- LLU Diet Research Report in Germany
- Missionary Given Recorder By School of Dentistry Class
- Dietetic Interns Graduate Aug. 18
- Dysinger Receives PH Certification
- LLU Division of Public Health Finds World-wide Challenge
- College of Surgeons Adds OB-Gyn OK
- Germ-Free Research Mice (pictorial)
- SM Sophomores Tell Research Activities, Medical Students Undertake Summer Mission Appointments
- An Additional 23 Students Accepted for New School Year
- [ Calendar of Future Events ]
- [ University Placement ]
- NASDAD Meet Slates Voice of Prophecy
- Librarian Acquires Graduate Degree
- SN Staffer to Plan LL Adult Education
- Physical Therapy, Alumni New
- Nutrition and Dietetics, Alumni News
- New Assistant For LLU Relations
- New Snack Shop Will Open Soon
- Nursing, Alumni News
- Fijian Doctor Here to Study Describes Hebrides Practice
- Doctor's Portrait 'Breaks Camera'?
- Medicine, Alumni News
- Acting Director Named to A-V
- Dental Surgeon Awarded Prize For Pain Control Techniques
- Doctor Serves in Children's Clinic





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Scope - Volume 03, Number 25