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Ben H. Matthews; Richard W. Weismeyer; Alice E. Gregg; John Parrish; Irene Schmidt; Catherine N. Graf; Stella C. Peterson; Hugh C. Love, DDS; Jennie Stagg Hudson; Clarence E. Carnahan, MD


News highlights for 1966, E. G. White 'Talking Book' tapes, give week tours of medical center, Dental practice efficiency conference January, Computer research topic on KNX radio interview


Inside this issue:

- News Highlights in Retrospect Display Vital Progress in 1966
- Development Director Makes E. G. White' Talking Book' Tapes
- Give Weekly Tours Of Medical Center
- Seminar to Explain Computer Language
- Graduate School To Form Auxiliary
- Conference Here January 10,11 On Dental Practice Efficiency
- Director Accepts Washington DC Post
- Compute Research and Usage Topic of KNX Radio Interview
- New Name, Same Church
- Protection for Cyclists
- Letters To the Editor
- Enact Name Change For Hill Church
- 'Highroad to Skiing' Adventure Film Scheduled Jan. 7
- Trustees Approve Faculty Appointments and Promotions
- Stem Midgley 'Chuckelogue' On Colorado Slated Jan. 14
- [ Book Talk ] Poses Ultra Simple Approach To Psychiatric Therapy
- Heating-Cooling Plant Primes for Action (pictorial)
- Credit Union Meets In Annual Session
- Forum to Discuss 'Only Yesterday
- SM Junior Class Selects Officers
- Electronic Typer Enhances Medical Transcription Accuracy
- Officers Chosen By PT Junior Class
- Calendar of Future Events
- [ University Placement ]
- Alumni Departures For Overseas Posts
- Orientation Classes Offered In Foreign Environment Living
- State PH Director Speaks to Students
- Staffer Certified In Pediatrics
- Personnel Function In PH Associations
- Records Director Attends Meets
- Nursing Alumni News
- Faculty Participate In Riverside Genera! Postgraduate Meet
- Classified
- Defered Mission Appointees Hear Student Mission Tales
- Great Lakes NASDAD to Host Convention
- Canadian Union Visits Jan. 8-10
- Open House Planned Jan. 15 For New Faculty Dental Office
- DSA Meet to Hear Investment Advice
- Diabetes Conference Held for Nurses





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Scope - Volume 04, Number 01