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Richard W. Weismeyer; Alice E. Gregg; John Parrish; Irene Schmidt; Catherine N. Graf; Stella C. Peterson; Hugh C. Love, DDS; Jennie Stagg Hudson; Richard A. Schaefer; Ernest Lloyd; Dolores Clark


new high for enrollment, 3000 register, speaking engagement for SDA division president, United Crusade one-day campaign, gymnasium ready for roof, student missionaries teach in Hong Kong, new law forbid liquor sales near La Sierra


Inside this issue:

- Enrollment Reaches New High; 3,000 to Register
- Speaking Engagements Set For SDA Division President
- United Crusade One-day Campaign Is October 5
- Gymnasium Ready for Roof: To Assemble from Top Down
- Merger Banquet Set For September 25
- Student Missionaries Begin Teaching in Hong Kong School
- New Law Forbids Liquor Sales Near La Sierra Campus
- Guest Editorial, Your Finest Hour
- Guest Editorial, Greater Days Ahead
- Letters to the Editor
- Discount Tickets Available for University Students
- This Month In Loma Linda University
- Mitchell Singing Boys Lead '67-68 Artist-Lecture Series
- [ Book Talk ] Grooks
- Students Register For New Year (pictorial)
- University Employees Eligible For Tuition-free Classes
- Dental Professor Guests in Hawaii
- LSD, Narcotics Subject of First DSA Meeting
- [ Calendar for Future Events ]
- SD Professor Authors Color Film
- Walt Disney Film Showing Scheduled For September 23
- Man Attempts to Manipulate Others; Catches Self Instead
- [ University Placement ]
- [ Classified ]
- Alumni Federation Meeting Scheduled
- Family Unit in Changing Era Subject of Marriage Seminar
- Property Manager On Commission
- New Men's Residence Hall Completed; Open House Held
- University Land Leased by County
- Religion Professor Is Guest Speaker At Lake Arrowhead
- Former Graduate Fills MSU Position
- La Sierra Campus Students Finish Job Readiness Program
- Sophomore Medical Students Complete Research Projects
- Two LLU Graduates Serve in Caribbean With Peace Corps
- Nursing, Alumni News
- Pastoral Education Course Reunites Former Classmates
- Dental Materials Education Course Meets Next Month
- Eleven University Alumni Leave for Overseas Posts
- Births
- Placement Service Schedules 1967-68 Recruitment Dates
- School of Nursing Alumni Association Sponsors Sale
- Medicine, Alumni News
- School of Nursing Holds Three-day Faculty Retreat
- Seventh-day Adventist Lawyers Elect Association Officers
- University Hosts Alumni Directors
- Family Structure Undergoing Change; Women May Take Over
- Hospital Chaplain Concludes Redlands Speaking Stint
- "An Apple a Day"... Supports Philanthropic Mission Work
- Savings and Loan Manager Appointed
- Yearbook, News Workshop Slated For Sept-ember 24
- Meet University Personnel...
-- Hulda Crooks
- Collegiate Chorale Concert- Slated In College Hall





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Scope - Volume 04, Number 15