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Richard W. Weismeyer; Alice E. Gregg; John Parrish; Irene Schmidt; Catherine N. Graf; Stella C. Peterson; Hugh C. Love, DDS; Jennie Stagg Hudson; Monte Sahlin; Carl Sundin; Nancy Steadman


Bieber schedules progress report, non-smokers live longer, school of dentistry students awarded first prize, university open-heart surgeons leave for Greece


Inside this issue:

- Bieber Schedules Progress Report for University
- Smoking Statistics Reveal Non-Smokers Live Longer
- School of Dentistry Students Awarded First Prize-Again
- University Open-heart Surgeons Leave for Greece Clinical Tour
- Africa Is Subject of Missions Forum
- Guest Editorial, A Voice for the University
- Guest Editorial, Enrollment Increases
- World Affairs Topic Of Baker Lecture
- Psychology of Being Topic at Forum
- Atomic Energy Topic Of DSA Meeting
- Platoff Don Cossack Chorus Schedule Evening Concert
- [ Book Talk ] Treblinka
- KSDA - FM (pictorial)
- La Sierra Campus Students Participate in Civic Programs
- Committees Plan Recruitment Study
- Catering Service Benefits Missions
- Open-Heart Surgery Saves Greek Girl
- [ Calendar of Future Events ]
- La Sierra Campus Acquires Computer
- [ University Placement ]
- Pacific Recruiters Schedule Visit
- United Crusade Poster Girl Is Daughter of LLU Employee
- Memorial Funds Make Possible La Sierra Campus Project
- Collegiate Age Sabbath School Scheduled
- Union Recruiters Visit Loma Linda
- Violinist, Pianist Featured in Sunday Artist Series
- Faculty Member Speaks in Lancaster
- Southern California Artist Shows Works at Art Gallery
- U. S. Congressman Speaks at Retreat
- Dietetics Intern. Receives Grant
- Need for General Practitioner Is Greatest in Rural America
- Loma Linda Hosts Union Recruiters
- Nursing, Alumni News
- Nursing Spectrum Set for Next March
- Official Named At Local Bank
- Classified
- Graduate Students Report Findings
- Physicians Pit Skills Against Computers; Come Out on Top
- Cancer Research Memorial Fund Honors Employee
- Physical Therapy, Alumni News
- Guaranteed Loans Are Out For Year
- Student Center Night Scheduled
- Medical Records, Alumni News
- Dietetics Students Get Scholarships
- New Branch Library Opens in Loma Linda
- Women's Auxiliary Sponsors Luncheon
- Prominent Lexicographer Talks At Language Teachers Meeting
- San Diego Academy Honors Long-time University Teacher
- DSA Sponsors Wedgewood Trio
- California State Scholarships Are Doubled for 1968-1969
- Congressmen Praise University Open-heart Surgery Team





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Loma Linda

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Scope - Volume 04, Number 18