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Richard W. Weismeyer; Alice E. Gregg; Irene Schmidt; Catherine N. Graf; Stella C. Peterson; Hugh C. Love, DDS; Jennie Stagg Hudson; John E. Crowder; Paul Di Mauro


Union president to speak for Week of Devotion, dental convention begins March 7, effort to save life fails electrocution, Saigon fighting endangers alumni, over 60 LLU students receive diplomas, nursing president to speak at alumni homecoming


Inside this issue:

- Union president to speak for week of devotion
- Annual dental convention begins March 7; expect 1,200
- Heroic effort to save life fails; two men electrocuted
- Over 60 LLU students receive diplomas at winter ceremony
- Nursing president to speak at annual alumni homecoming
- Saigon fighting endangers alumni
- The great debate
- Letters to the Editor
- Loma Linda survey shows residents against cityhood
- Film series depicts population problem
- 3 LLU graduates receive recognition
- Artist and lecture series features Hawaiian adventure
- [ Book Talk ] Physician Offers Investment Counsel In Anyone Can Make a Million
- Physical Education Department (pictorial)
- [ Calendar of Future Events ]
- Big job on copier? Make appointment!
- Redlands nursery gives palm trees to University
- Senior commercial art student wins first prize in contest
- Annual band tour begins tomorrow
- 3 MRA graduates pass national exam
- Nursing, Alumni News
- [ University Placement ]
- New surgical unit opens; hospital nears capacity
- Naturalist records Pacific wildlife
- Missions forum to discuss overseas problems, attitudes
- New LLU bulletins redesigned by staff
- Union recruiters plan campus visit
- Frantic search for antidote successful; baby girl saved
- Donated fire truck quickly contains mission fire
- Medicine, Alumni News
- General conference placement
- Officers elected for medical records
- [ Book Talk ] The American Schoolbook
- Fourteen sophomore nurses are 2nd generation enrollees
- Well-known artist depicts hospital in oil painting
- Nutrition and Dietetics, Alumni News
- The changing face of India scheduled for lecture series
- Week of devotion speakers selected
- Classified
- SM faculty members donate services aboard "S.S. Hope"
- School of Medicine graduate awarded bronze star medal
- School of Medicine hosts author
- Two Navajo Indians complete on-the-job dental training
- Sierra Towers men 'adopt' orphan
- Escondido artist donates paintings for new hospital
- English professor helps equip shop
- Madison reunion set for March 10
- Speech professor completes studies for doctoral degree
- Faculty member is co-editor of book
- Pediatrics chairman serves on campus diabetes committee
- Convention, sports complex planned for Loma Linda area
- Graduate School plans buffet dinner
- 2nd Billroth session begins February 18; 32 to attend
- Orthodontist takes a first award for research paper
- La Sierra graduate passes bar exam
- New appointments made for University





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Scope - Volume 05, Number 02